• David Stanley

Will Super Meat Boy Forever Come Out This Year?

If you're wondering if this is Super Meat Boy 2, yes, it is. Team Meat decided that Super Meat Boy 2 was a bit boring of a name and going with the Forever suffix. Originally due on all major consoles in 2018, then pushed to April of 2019, then finally the release has been pushed back to an sometime in 2020. We'll keep you posted as we wait for further updates on when the game is actually coming out. We review what we do know below.

What we know...

  • The new title is Super Meat Boy Forever and the gameplay will significantly differ from the original game. Instead of having a contained, single screen level design, SMBF will feature more of a linear, sidescrolling level design.

  • The levels will be dynamically constructed based on difficulty, but this is not a "Infinite Runner" game. Each level will consist of 100 "chunks" that are placed to create a level. Team Meat writes that, "Each time you beat a level, an increased difficulty criteria is used to generate the harder version of that level." Sounds like the Meat Boy we crave!

  • The steam page mentions 7200 hand crafted levels. We're guessing that they are referring to the dynamic "chunks".

  • You will play as Super Meat Boy and Bandage Girl in an effort to save your baby girl, Nugget. It appears that Dr. Fetus is still the main antagonist in this game.

  • This time around you won't be defenseless and Team Meat is adding a second button to the game. You'll be able to jump, punch, dive, and slide in this sequel.

  • Much bigger boss battles, the video below does show that off briefly with a giant rock smasher boss.

  • The game will be releasing on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Switch, and PC. As we understand it, Team Meat is maintaining that the Epic Game Store will get the game first, and Steam will follow at a later date (2021).

This is the last official video posted on Team Meat's YouTube:

Super Meat Boy Forever Trailer 1