• David Stanley

The Legend of Bumbo | Preview

From the mind that brought you The Binding of Isaac developer and publisher Edmund McMillen is releasing a new game on November 12th.

The Legend of Bum-bo is a roguelike, turn based puzzle RPG. The puzzle aspect of this game relies on a connect 4 mechanic that fuels your spells and let you attack or place defense. By connecting 4+ of the same icon in a row you'll absorb that mana type into your mana pool. You have a set amount of moves allowed each turn, every time you move a row or column of the board to line up a set of icons it costs you a move. Once you're out of moves and can't cast anymore spells your turn is over. You gather each mana type to cast spells as you move room by room fighting enemies and trying to get to the boss of each level.

Release Trailer

The art style is similar to Edmunds previous games, drawing from The Binding of Isaac's naked pink man aesthetic. The games enemy and icon models are cut out of cardboard and looks crisp. Each battle in the game's previews are held within a cardboard box-like environment, speaking thematically to the games bum-like presentation. The icons that represent your mana pool stem from teeth, bones, and gas furthering the "bum" theme. The videos below only show parts of chapter 1, it will be curious to see how the environments change as you progress through the game.

The game promises 4+ Bum-bo character choices that give you different stat variations and a unique skill to each choice. There will be 30 enemy types and 10 bosses in the initial release of the game. There will be a number of unlockables as you progress (and die) through the game. Shop rooms, reward rooms, and battle drops will allow each attempt to beat the game to be unique. Bum-bo aims to follow the roguelike trend found in games like Slay the Spire and Dead Cells. We'll see if Bum-bo can capture audiences when it releases on November 12th on Steam.

You can pre-order the game for a 15% discount here.