• David Stanley

Space Gladiators Gets a Huge Early Access Update

Coming out at update 0.7.0, early access game Space Gladiators: Escaping Tartarus deploys a massive update to the roguelike indie game. The big ticket additions are 400 new rooms, over 20 enemies, and 8 new traps. I deemed the game safe to pick up in a early access review back in February and it already enough content to have its price tag justified. It's awesome to see a solo dev Thomas Gervraud put out so much new content in a short amount of time! His blog has some posts on his journey in developing his first major project as he steam rolls toward the full release.

One particular update changes the core mechanics of Space Gladiators fairly drastically, "the enemies in the game no longer damage the player on contact by default." This changes how players will be able to approach different enemies and room layouts. While playing the early access, enemy contact damage pushed me to be more cautious and accurate in my movements.

The update further details how this system will work, "From now on, if an enemy doesn’t have a red aura it means you can touch him without taking damage. A lot of behaviors have been obviously been reworked and re-balanced to account for that." It will be interesting to see feedback from the community on all the changes!

There are plenty more tweaks, updates, and additions. Head over the update page on Steam where you can review all of the changes to Space Gladiators.