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The Silent Card Tier List [2021] - Slay The Spire

Playing with The Silent

Power and skill cards will dominate the top tiers when playing with The Silent. This character will debuff and poison your enemies, while buffing your hand with shivs and drawn cards. This character plays much differently than the Ironclad who is primarily an attack card focused character.


Card Tier List

Note: The each list shows cards listed in ranked order within their own tier.

^: Cards marked with this symbol are much more useful when upgraded.

* : Cards marked with this symbol are less useful in Act 1.

: Cards marked with this symbol are less useful in Act 3.

§ : Cards marked with this symbol are more useful in Act 3.


S-Tier Cards: ^Adrenaline, §Backflip, After Image, Leg Sweep, Predator, Cloak and Dagger, Bouncing Flask, ^*Malaise


A-Tier Cards: †^Calculated Gamble, §Envenom, *Piercing Wail, Infinite Blades, Slice, *Reflex, Tools Of The Trade, Endless Agony, Dash, Bane, Burst, Deflect, Choke, Doppelganger, Accuracy


B-Tier Cards: Tactician, Escape Plan, Alchemize, Well-Laid Plans, Eviscerate, Dagger Throw, Terror, ^Blur, Glass Knife, *Expertise, Poisoned Stab, ^Acrobatics, Skewer, Dodge And Roll, Die Die Die, §Flechettes


C-Tier Cards: ^Catalyst, Dagger Spray, *Nightmare, Sucker Punch, A Thousand Cuts, Backstab, Caltrops, Grand Finale, Outmaneuver, Bullet Time, Masterful Stab, Riddle With Holes, Footwork, ^†Concentrate, Quick Slash, Finisher, ^*Crippling Cloud


D-Tier Cards: ^Setup, ^Storm Of Steel, ^Corpse Explosion, §Blade Dance, Unload, ^Noxious Fumes, Distraction, Flying Knee, All Out Attack, Heel Hook, ^Prepared, ^Phantasmal Killer, ^Deadly Poison, ^Sneaky Strike

: Not pictured, avoid D Tier cards as much as you can.

Check back for more info as we continue to play with the Ironclad.

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Data referenced: https://spirelogs.com/stats

[Last Update August 2021]