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The Ironclad Card Tiers [2021] - Slay The Spire

Playing with The Ironclad

The Ironclad is a powerhouse, but power alone wont keep you alive long enough to build up the huge attacks needed in clearing Act 3. The following list of cards was determined through examining data of actual runs and win rates. Use the marking guide to better understand when to pick certain cards as not all cards are useful in the first act, and some less useful by the third.


Card Tier List

Note: The each list shows cards listed in ranked order within their own tier.

^: Cards marked with this symbol are much more useful when upgraded.

* : Cards marked with this symbol are less useful in Act 1

: Cards marked with this symbol are less useful in Act 3

§ : Cards marked with this symbol are very useful in Act 3


S-Tier Cards: ^Corruption, *Entrench , Reaper, Exhume , Havoc, Sentinel, Burning Pact, Seeing Red

Having a strong combination of these cards solves a lot of problems for The Ironclad. This backbone will give you defense, energy building, card drawing, and exhaust/revival, just don't forget to grab to upgrades.


A-Tier Cards: Bludgeon, ^Feel No Pain, Uppercut, ^Shockwave, Second Wind, Demon Form, ^*§Ghostly Armor, ^Battle Trance, ^Flame Barrier, Spot Weakness, Armaments, ^†Offering, Shrug It Off, Pummel


B-Tier Cards: Carnage, ^*Dual Wield, Infernal Blade, *†Barricade, ^Power Through, Intimidate, Disarm, ^*Clothesline, Perfected Strike, Fiend Fire, §Feed, Bloodletting, ^Dark Embrace, §Juggernaut, Impervious, §Rampage, §Metallicize, §Pommel Strike, ^†Warcry, §Body Slam, Heavy Blade


C-Tier Cards: Dropkick, True Grit, Immolate, Blood For Blood, Evolve, Whirlwind, ^Limit Break, ^Sword Boomerang, Reckless Charge, Sever Soul, ^Inflame, ^Double Tap, ^Headbutt, ^Iron Wave, Twin Strike, Rage, ^*Fire Breathing, Brutality


D-Tier Cards: Anger, Searing Blow, Rupture, Thunderclap, Wild Strike, ^Combust, Hemokinesis, Flex, Cleave, Berserk, Clash

Avoid these cards at all costs.

Check back for more info as we continue to play with the Ironclad.

Data references: https://spirelogs.com/stats

[Last Update August 2021]