• David Stanley

Rocket Pass 6 Goes Live, Rewards Revealed

A patch to Rocket League primarily addressing controller vibrations was applied yesterday March 24th and today, the 25th, the competitive season 14 has begun.

With it comes the latest Rocket Pass! Rocket Pass 6 will be running from March 25th until July 15th and it features the Ronin which, as usually offered by the rocket pass, has three model versions unlockable in the premium tier. The Ronin's hitbox is classified under the Dominus category of cars. Check out the full pass rewards image and 4k video below to see all the rewards for this new Rocket Pass.

Unlock the ability to collect the premium tiered content for 1000 credits. This will also unlock the premium challenges for each week to speed up your progress in gathering all the sweet new content.

Rocket Pass 6 Rewards
Rocket Pass 6 Rewards