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Rocket League's Blueprint Pricing Is Absurd [UPDATED: Prices being reduced]

UPDATE: 12/11/2019

Psyonix has heard our voices and are reducing their blue print prices. Read about the latest update here. Players who purchased items between December 4 and December 11 will be refunded the difference. There is no mention of the old dlc car shop and its still not available in game. And unfortunately black market items are not affected by the update and still range between $20-25.

New Price to Rarity

Rare: 50-100 Credits

Very Rare: 100-200 Credits

Import: 300-500 Credits

Exotic: 700-800 Credits

Black Market: 2000+ credits

When I first heard about the blueprint update coming to Rocket League I was excited. The ability to pick which items I wanted to craft instead of loot box rolling sounded like a great change to the long running game. But now that the update has dropped I have to wonder who in their right mind is gonna shell out up to 2200 credits ($22) for a single item.


Price to Rarity

Rare: 100-200 credits

Very Rare: 300-800 credits

Import: 600-1500 credits

Exotic: 1400-1600 credits

Black Market: 2000+ credits


Rocket League previously ran on the notion of loot boxes. You would gain a loot crate and for a single key ($1) you could open it with a chance to get any item inside. Of course the odds of getting rarer items are against the player, opening about a hundred boxes has not led to a black market item in my time playing the game. And from out of the pan into the fire, the pricing for some items is a bit ridiculous. From unlocking about 500 crates, pricing goes all the way up to 2200 credits ($22) for a single item


Why we think some rare items are overpriced

The pricing model is based on loot box models community pricing.

For $10 you get 70 items in the rocket pass.

When using 10 keys, loot boxes would guaranteed 10 items of various rarities


As far as the update goes There is a shop that doesn't require any blueprints to buy an item outright. The selection in the shop is limited but refreshes daily. I could not find the traditional store where the themed car packs used to be sold.

Epic games appears to want to preserve the value of items against the previous loot box model where players would value each item by the amount of keys that another player would trade for the item.

While I understand that previously your chances were probably much lower at spending $20 and getting a black market item from a loot box roll, but come on. This is very much so Free-to-Play pricing which leads me to believe that Rocket League's next major update with be taking it to F2P.

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