• David Stanley

Risk of Rain 2 | Featured Roguelite

Developer: Hopoo Games

Genre: #3D Platformer #Roguelite

Platforms: #PC #Playstation #Xbox #Switch

Risk of Rain 2 is a follow up game to Hopoo Game's 2d platformer Risk of Rain. In the first game the primary tactic relied on how well you could run away from mobs chasing down your character. Developer Hopoo Games returns to give us nearly the same roguelike gameplay, but now in vivid 3D. In this version we start to rely on strategic item pickups and character use over simply running away from hordes of enemies.

Hopoo has improved their game to deliver a much more fun and complete product than their first iteration. The second game is now being published by Gearbox and it seems that the switch has leveled up the game as a whole. With this increased funding we have a 3D world, smooth character and level models over the previous pixel game, and matchmaking multiplayer. The game falls into the rougelike genre where each attempt to "escape" can lead to opening up new items or characters, but when you perish you'll be forced back to the title screen and you'll lose all your gear that you picked up in your previous run.

RoR2 introduces matchmaking to the series and this is a great step forward in a game that highly enjoyable with friends. Both games deliver over the top "Michael Bay" like explosions as the enemy forces stack up against you in the final moments of each level. And with the shift to 3D these explosions and environments are more vibrant than ever. In the original game you could get away with simply running away while picking off enemies as they chase you around. In RoR2 that same tactic can help keep you alive, but it doesn't net you the level clearing power as it did the first game. Instead you will need to use teamwork, strategic item pickups, and expert character use to clear levels as the game's difficulty progressively gets harder the longer you survive.

RoR2 is the more definitive Risk of Rain experience and in spring 2020 it will reach the 1.0 release offering six vibrant levels, ten total characters to choose from, and tons of unlockables. With only two updates to go, we can safely say that picking up the game now is not a bad idea. There are already nine characters in the game and lots of skills and items already present to open. Check out our video for a preview of the game and our detailing of several characters and their skills.