• David Stanley

Risk of Rain 2 Artifact 2.0 Update is Here

RoR 2 is going to be free to play this weekend on the Steam platform, being reported by Eurogamer. Check out our featured article that goes into more detail on this fantastic roguelite third-person shooter.

If you head over to the Risk of Rain 2 discord you can participate in voting for the next survivor that will be added to the game. Voting ends on 4/7.

Latest Game Updates

Though a little bit later than expected, the Artifacts 2.0 update has finally gone live. Hopoo's latest update adds new stage Sky Meadow, new monsters, a new boss, new skills, and of course new artifacts. There are a ton of patch notes and additional info for anyone already invested in the game to check out. RoR2's discord is also a great place to catch up on all the patch notes, and also find a group to play with!