• David Stanley

Quick Draw Is The Quickest Way To Level In Legends Of Runeterra

In the latest update to Runeterra, Quick Draw has been introduced to the Labs game type. After playing this mode I quickly realized its potential to gain the most amount of EXP and event points out of any other game type in Legends of Runeterra.

Here's why:

  • Since this is labs, there is no need to prep a deck. Quick Draw is fast, easy, and fun. Perfect way to rack up points for Vaults and Region Rewards.

  • Game time is between 2-8 minutes depending on your hands, game's often end within 3-5 rounds.

  • Essentially, you're getting more wins, faster, and with uncapped daily exp. You gain 200 exp and 1 event petal per win, even after my 8th win I was getting this full amount.

  • You get a completely random hand, each hand, and all card costs are 3 and under. This works really well for the event challenges, and daily quests.

  • Even if you lose you get 100 exp. I was able to surrender 5 times in a row before it dropped to 50 exp.

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