• David Stanley

Gothic Love Story Demo, Of Love and Eternity, Lands On Itch.io

The game is set in a medieval era where you play a knight who was executed by his own king. Finding yourself in purgatory, you journey into act 1 featured in this demo.

Quick preview:

The opening scenes introduce the premise of the game. There are some voiced lines, but the story was largely shown through imagery. You are then tasked to collect fireflies as you progress through a forest.

The first 15 minutes deliver on some story elements and general adventurous tones. I really like the interlaced look, like an old story being told from the gothic knights era. I also liked the use of props and lighting throughout.

Verdict: A cool looking project worth giving a look. What we have is interesting, but too short to really know what kind of game this could become.

You can find the demo playthrough and other indie games on the Loot Saga YouTube channel.

Game: Of Love and Eternity

Developer: Acorn Bringer

Genre: Adventure, Horror

Length: 15-20 minutes


+ The environment looks great with its interlaced throwback look

+ Good representation of horror genre in lighting, props, design

+ Audio track fits ghostly exploration


- Too short to know what final game will entail

Demo Link: https://acornbringer.itch.io/of-love-and-eternity