• David Stanley

Ninja Theory's Bleeding Edge Closed Beta Begins Feb 14th

Bleeding Edge

Developer: Ninja Theory | Publisher: Xbox Game Studios

Action | 3rd Person | Multiplayer Only | Objective Based

Platforms: Xbox One | PC (Xbox App)

Beta Dates: February 14th - 17th

Full Release Date: March 24th

Ninja Theory has created some amazing games (DmC, Heavenly Sword, Enslaved) and they have lately been cranking out trailers of their new projects. Most recently this studio announced a follow up to Hellblade under the title Senua's Saga: Hellblade II with a impressive trailer who's in-engine realism was out of this world. The Project: Mara trailer also shares this intense realism where NT wants to redefine storytelling with this experimental experience.

Both of the above projects reflect Ninja Theory's new mission, "To craft life-changing art with game-changing tech". This statement comes right from their web series, The Dreadnought Diaries, aiming to catalog this journey. In the first episode it becomes strongly apparent that Xbox Game Studios and Ninja Theory work very closely together which then comes as no surprise that Xbox Game Pass owners get dibs on the beta of Bleeding Edge. The beta begins February 14th and goes to the 17th.

Head over to your Xbox Game Pass App and preload the beta for Xbox One and PC today.

If you have pre-ordered the game on Steam, check your email for a closed beta key.

Bleeding Edge is a 4 vs 4 team game. There are king of the hill objective points to hold as you move your character around the map in a 3rd person view. From the gameplay we spot three unique abilities available per character along with a unique basic attack ability. Each character has a their own personal mode of transportation, in the tech alpha gameplay we spotted various hovercraft and a motorcycle. When your character bites the dust, you're able to pick a new character before you respawn and head back into the fray.