• David Stanley

Luna: The Shadow Dust | Preview

Developer: Lantern Studio

Genre: #Casual #PointnClick #Puzzle

Platforms: #PC #Steam

After reaching its kickstarter goal back in 2016 with an original release date of March 2017, Luna: The Shadow Dust has been working toward its official release for several years. This point and click adventure sold kickstarter on hand-animated scenes with beautiful cinematics and the demo certainly does deliver on these promises albeit much later than everyone expected. The game's soundtrack sets a mystical tone and can be heard in full on Susie Wang's soundcloud linked here.

Luna is the first game to come out of Lantern Studio, formed by only a few members back in 2016. Everything in the game is hand drawn which includes every frame of each cinematic and its staggering to imagine that the group only requested $15,000 to bring this project to life. Netting just over $22,000 they began their work on the game. Slated for final release on February 13th of 2020 the studio will soon deliver their game to the world and the original backers.

The game's art style is certainly beautiful. The developer plans to forgo dialogue and tell the story through the game's images and cinematics. The demo crafts a story through images where the first puzzle room requires you to observe wall murals that tell a story of a tower destroyed by flooding and a sea monster. As we progressed each room had a puzzle to complete and we quickly found a companion to accompany us on this journey up the tower.

From what we've seen Luna is promising. The game may be a bit shorter than we'll want it to be but it stands to deliver a memorable journey. We plan to pick it up and deliver a full review soon after its release to show our support, so stay tuned to our twitch stream and for more YouTube videos from our corner. If you're interested in playing the demo for yourself head over to the steam page and download it today.