• Brent H.

Larian Studios Provides More Details On Baldurs Gate 3

The team at Larian Studios recently hosted an AMA on Reddit to answer community questions about Baldur’s Gate 3. The panel consisted of: Swen Vincke (Founder & Creative Director), David Walgrave (Producer), Nick Pechenin (Lead Systems Designer), Adam Smith (Senior Writer), and Jan Van Dosselaer (Writing Director).

Fans of the series asked detailed questions regarding gameplay, customization, dialogue, map size, and more. Paraphrasing for brevity, here is a summary of Larian team member replies in the Q&A.

You can check out the full AMA here!

Keeping in mind that Baldur's Gate is aiming to structure its game with the 5th Edition Dungeon and Dragons rule-set, there are many questions that ask how the game will feature the 5e rules and mechanics. The game is a work in progress and details are limited to what was revealed in the panel's replies.

  • Early access will be available “when it’s ready”

  • Players will be able to choose from all the 5e classes from the start

  • Leveling will be caped at 10 in the full release

  • Cosmetic customization will include face type, hairdo, facial hair, skin color, visuals, skills, cantrips, and abilities, but no sliders for body features

  • Players can also choose their voice at creation

  • Reaction spells and actions will be customizable

  • No grappling mechanic planned, but shoving will be implemented. No auto-casting

  • Extra attack will work like in DnD 5e

  • Previous Baldur's Gate games will be tied into the story of BG3, otherwise why would it be called Baldur's Gate 3

  • Focus on the party over individuals, leading to changes in how members of the party take their turns in battle. Introduction of a common party turns and changes to the initiative system

  • The map will be similar to BG2 in that the game takes place in a huge terrains

  • Players will travel from one huge region to another when beginning a new acts

  • Appears that the world will not be completely open, chances are that you may not be able to travel back to certain areas after progressing

  • No definitive answer on modding

  • There will most likely be a Grand Master mode such as in Divinity Original Sin

  • Mercenaries will be recruitable and customizable

  • Lots of Latin phrases when casting spells

Deeper Customization

Do custom characters feel unique? This question was frequently asked and garnered healthy conversation in the replies. From the moment you create your character, the story will continue to evolve for your characters. Paraphrasing the responses from Larian, they are aiming for your character's unique traits to determine what your character can do, what they know, and how they’re perceived. Every character in the game will remember and react to your character’s actions and attitude. Adam writes, “Custom characters are central to the arc of BG3, and as your journey unfolds, you’ll walk your own path. And when your story ends, you’ll have determined your own fate… and the fate of many others.”

Stay tuned for more exciting news from Larian as they move toward releasing their Early Access to Baldur's Gate 3.