• David Stanley

KUNAI - A Ninja Metroidvania | Preview


Developer: TurtleBlaze | Publisher: The Arcade Crew

#Platformer | #Metroidvania | Post Apocalyptic | Ninja Robot

Platforms: PC | Switch

Release Date: February 6th 2020

Kunai is all but released for the Switch and for PC through Steam. The Arcade Crew, who published run and gun game Blazing Chrome, returns to deliver a new platformer from the 3-man indie development team TurtleBlaze.

You take control of a robot named Tabby, appropriately named as the robot's head is a tablet, who's been infused with the soul of an ancient warrior. In a world where humans have been nearly wiped out by evil A.I. Lemonkus, Tabby embarks on his quest. Your ninja abilities will give you access to areas no other robots can reach and in true Metroid fashion you'll start with nothing and build up to be a deft ninja master.

Combat mechanics include the ability to slice up your enemies and use sick ninja moves or reign bullets on your enemies, while utilizing your kunai grappling hook to swing around each level. Expect heavy robot resistance that will shower you with scrap metal as you slice through them. Each zone is expected to have its own color palette with areas including a deserted city, airships, and artificial deserts. Since writing the preview the game has release, so head on over to check out our official review of the game.