• David Stanley

Gold Mozambiques Overtake Worlds Edge

I guess it is April 1st...playing Apex today I found there is a huge amount of gold Mozambiques all over the map. In one section of buildings just south of Overlook I found three, and between 2 games I've spotted at least 8. The Mozambique is a shotgun pistol that is the single most ridiculed gun in the game Apex Legends. It's often pinged by players as a joke, and the gun is mostly a forced pickup used only as a last resort.

That being said, these gold Mozambiques are somewhat changing my perceptions of the weapon just a bit. I can't say that I haven't had fun shooting shells at the speed of a gold bolted gun. In fact many teammates in the games I've played today have picked it up, pinging it at first in fascination and again after finding the sheer amount of them sitting out in the map.

Get out into Apex today, it's really fun messing around with these bad boys. Holding one urges me to duel wield a pair and jump pad right into an enemy squad to deliver pure chaos.