• David Stanley

Felix The Reaper | Tips

Felix features good puzzles that can be difficult at times. Whether playing casually or attempting challenges, its disappointing to be stuck because an action didn't appear to be possible. Check out this list of tips to possibly save some frustration.

Take It Easy

You don't have to get all three skulls at the same time for them to count. There are three challenge rows, once you get the skull for a row its permanently achieved. Choose the row with the least or easiest conditions first and work up to all three skulls.

Cutting Down Actions

Picking up and dropping an item can be achieved in a single action by holding down the pickup button on an item then dragging the item to an acceptable location. Felix will do the whole movement in one go.

Swapping Items

You can swap whatever you're holding with something on the ground by just selecting the item on the ground.

Get Help

Don't forget you have a show hint and show goal options in the option menu, keys H and J. Using these actions doesn't count against your performance results

Stacking Items

You can stack items to make a longer shadow.

Soft Rotate

Hover over and hold the "Push" button (the one for the sun) to see what it looks like to rotate the sun without committing to the rotating action.

If you need more help, check out LootSaga's youtube channel for a walk through of each level and scoring all three skulls for each. We promise not to tell.

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