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Electro Ride: The Neon Racing | Featured Racing Game

Electro Ride

Developer: Sylwester Osik | Publisher: IQ Publishing

#Racing #Action #Casual #Arcade #Neon

Estimated Release: Spring 2020

Platforms: PC, Mac, SteamOS + Linux

With the support of IQ Publishing, solo developer Sylwester Osik is unleashing ample neon visuals onto racing fans this Spring. Electro Ride has many of the features you'd expect from an arcade racer, providing players old world architecture covered in a futuristic neon glow as a backdrop for street races in an alternative European setting where Russia became the worlds #1 superpower.

Electro Ride will feature more than 20 cars inspired by vehicles produced in the 80's from Communist Bloc countries. That list includes the Polish People’s Republic, USSR, Czechoslovak Socialist Republic, People’s Republic of Bulgaria, and German Democratic Republic. Looking at you Fiat, Peugot, Lancia, Mercedes, Skoda, and Lada.

Keeping true to arcade racing design, there will be no assists available. Not providing ABS and TCS will allow players to drift their way through the neon coated prosperity of the games alternate Eastern Europe cities. Each track employs sets of boosts strips that hurl these old and tired cars forward as they thread across them. To use these boosts players will choose one of three colored boost pick-ups, and then drive over their color-specific boosting zone. Early gameplay videos show the boosting zones align with the position of the boost pick-up. Players will change their boost color simply by driving through a different pick-up. This boost mechanic adds a dilemma of whether to decide to pull a risky move for a boost while possibly losing speed in the attempt or keeping the current momentum and playing it safe. Either way, just the possibility of boosting near top speed and then throwing your car sideways into a turn is exciting enough to take the risk.

Neo-noir like images fit this game so well

The story follows your character racing in a underground league of sorts, battling your way to the top of the ladders, winning cars and unlocking new tracks along the way. Story mode locations will span from the Berlin Wall to Moscow. The game will span 5 locations across the Soviet Bloc, offering 20 race tracks to choose from. Additional modes will include quick race, time trial, ghost race, last man standing.

The game will only offer local split-screen, but since this game will be on Steam players should be able to remote play with a friend. Remote play means that your friends won't need a copy of a game to play with you, very cool of Steam to add this feature but that's topic for another time. Sadly we wont be seeing full 12 car races featuring all human players. Electro Ride will support controllers so controlling your steel neon beast should be easier than using a keyboard because who in their right mind would....anyway. Leaderboards will be tracking your times so you can see how you stack up against the world.

While practically everything is covered in neon lighting, each of the games location are visually pleasing and don't overwhelm players while racing. Nearly every corner of the track could find its way onto desktops as wallpapers as the cityscapes are vibrant and beautifully designed. Blasting through these streets looks wonderful as you bump to a deep synthwave soundtrack.

Drifting, slamming your opponents, and hitting boost strips will ultimately help you achieve racing glory. Electro Ride doesn't spare players from losing speed after slamming into your opponent from behind. Slamming your opponent only benefits you if control is maintained and you hit your opponent somewhere in the sides of the car. A good side slam can send your opponent flying into a wall to perform fantastic flips or even straight off the track! The gameplay video showed that a controlled, high speed drift is more beneficial than the show stopping, near parallel drift. So maybe there’s a touch of sim in Electro Ride, but it’s the kind of touch you want.

Players can look forward to an arcade racer that delivers a unique environment and classic feel. Not to mention all while jamming to some, fittingly so, synthwave. Check back for our full review of Electro Ride when it releases on PC this Spring.