• David Stanley

Doom Guy is Extremely Photogenic in Doom Eternal Photo Mode

Twitter user ZeroFoxFK (@ZeroFoxFK) shared a set of photos from his photo shoot with Doom Guy. The photo mode in Doom Eternal puts the ability to make some sweet images into your hands! We detail how to turn photo mode on below.

Image Credit to ZeroFoxFK for letting us use these images! Head over to twitter to check out these photos in full resolution.

Doom Eternal Photo Mode

Turning on Photo Mode in Doom Eternal

To enable photo mode

> Go to the Settings section of the game menu.

> Got to Gameplay settings

> Find the Photo Mode setting under the of the Game tab.

To turn photo mode on in game:

> First Clear the mission, this mode is only usable after completing a mission

> Consoles: (Default) Pressing down on the d-pad

> PC: (Default) Press the right-alt key on PC.

You've Got Options

You can change a bunch of settings to set up your perfect Doom Guy background:

> Change skins

> Change weapons

> Change poses

> First or third person perspectives

Photo mode also includes some settings like depth of field, but the mode has room to grow to include additional features.