• David Stanley

Divinity board game reaches Kickstarter goal in 4 hours

Larian Studios recently kicked off a Kickstarter for a Divinity Original Sin themed board game. Their goal of $160,000 was reached within 4 hours of listing. At the time of writing almost all the stretch goals have been unlocked adding many more characters and cards to the standard package.

Larian is most known for their critically acclaimed video games Divinity Original Sin and Divinity Original Sin 2. The board game will feature locations from the video game series boasting 520 locations, almost 850 total game cards, and 10 characters when counting stretch goals. In addition to all the familiar faces, Larian is adding two new characters Vali and Farzanah as canon in the series.

The game will allow up to four players to play as a team, each picking one of the four characters and their included character model. 60+ minute games are played where players will read through the story book and fight enemies like in a game of DnD. The Kickstarter page includes a whole set of videos to watch explaining the games systems, from status effects to crafting, and even a whole game played out.

Visit the main Kickstarter page here.

Kickstarter Goals:

  • Standard Edition: $120

  • Premium Edition: $165

  • Extended Edition: $220

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