• David Stanley

Bloodstained Backers Question Delivery on Remaining Kickstarter Goals

In a new update on May 7th, Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night adds Zangetsu as a new playable character. This character is the second playable character in the game, Miriam being the first. Zangetsu was revealed on steam back in May of 2019! Bloodstained released on June 18th of 2019, delivering a Boss Rush and Speed Run mode at launch. Fans have been waiting on this character (and many other promises) for a year. Adding to the turmoil, Switch players will have to wait till the end of the month to play Zangetsu!

The randomizer feature, also in this new update, comes in to replace the "roguelike dungeon" achieved as apart of the kickstarter stretch goals. This is a truly disappointing replacement for a roguelike mode.

This has been the first major update to the game since launch. A third playable character, online challenge mode, and a boss revenge mode have yet to be spotted from the stretch goals. Fans have taken to the community threads with a range of question on the remaining goals and backer rewards. Most comments appear to be very skeptical on the remaining rewards. Kickstarter comment link

Kickstarter Comments:

May 7th Update Zangetsu:

"Playing Bloodstained as Zangetsu is designed to be a different experience than playing as Miriam with a focus on fast-paced combat. Consumables, equipment, crafting, treasure chests, quests and story cutscenes are disabled when playing as Zangetsu."

(It's a bit suspect that so much of the game is disabled when playing as Zangetsu)

May 7th Update Randomizer:

In addition to the new character, developer ArtPlay adds a randomizer feature. This feature is to replace the promised "roguelike" mode that cost backers $500,000, while roguelikes are being backed on Kickstarter for $20,000. This update only adds fuel to the fire of questions that backers have for Iga and developer ArtPlay.

"Randomizer allows you to adjust eight different game parameters to mix up your experience as you play through the main story of Bloodstained. You will be able to adjust the goals of their overall playthrough and quests, the location of save and warp rooms, shops, key items and also enemy drops."