• David Stanley

5th Character for Streets of Rage 4 and Multiplayer Details Revealed

The 5th and final character addition to the new Streets of Rage game has been revealed. Floyd Iraia joins the fight! In the reveal trailer we also find out that there will be 2 player online co-op, and for the first time in the series 4 player local coop. The game will be available for all current major consoles and PC.

The full character list goes as follows:

  • Axel Stone (SoR1/2/3)

  • Blaze Fielding (SoR1/2/3)

  • Adam Hunter (SoR1)

  • Cherry Hunter (New)

  • Floyd Iraia (New)

PAX East gameplay footage:

Check out the latest trailer:

Adam Hunter reveal trailer:

Cherry Hunter reveal trailer:

Official reveal trailer: